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Without fail every Sunday morning I have breakfast with my dearest friend Jo. Nothing gets in the way of our weekly catch ups, laughter, caffeine, gluten free bread and beach walking (well, sometimes the rain).

Last weekend Jo was telling me all about her decluttering frenzy (!) She had made some major inroads into freeing up an amazing amount of space in her wardrobe and she loved it.

This got me thinking, our lives are full of STUFF that we don’t need. Let’s be honest here, who really needs a yoghurt maker?

Stuff complicates things, creates messy minds and creates chaos without us even knowing it. We live in a world that encourages us to have more stuff; we “buy” into the notion that we need all these things to make us happy, we don’t.

Seriously, we need very little to live.

Take the time now to scan over your home and see what’s around you. Do you need even half of it, probably not?

Make a pact with yourself today that you are going to start paying attention to STUFF.

Below is my list of stuff that you can lose FOREVER (happily ever after…)

Socks with holes (or no mates)
Clothes that don’t fit (let’s be honest here!)
Broken coat hangers
Containers with no matching lids
Your children’s drawings that are fifteen years old
Anything that has expired, food, medicines, make up, curry powder (the list goes on…)
Cushions that have lost gone flat and lumpy
Broken or chipped pots, plates, mugs, glassware
Keys that don’t fit any lock in your house, car or garage
Pens that don’t work
Towels that have bleach stains
That collection of glass jars (that you were going to make jam in last winter)
Light globes that have blown
Magazines from 1989

I can guarantee you that you will not miss anything from this list and you will be well on your way to creating a life with a little less clutter.

Big Love Jane x

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