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We got nothing but time

Up until a few weeks ago, the one thing I heard the most in my daily life (from friends, family and strangers in the supermarket) is that “I don’t have enough time”.

How things have changed. I like the saying ‘we got nothing but time’ (thank you Culture Club). It couldn’t be more appropriate now in our world of self-isolation.

I don’t know about you but as we all find ourselves with a bit more time nowadays, I have found myself doing things that I had never really contemplated (ever!)

My weeks have been filled with activities that I would never have thought in a million years I would be doing, so I thought I would share a few of them with you.

  • I have painted my window sills, window frames and front fence (I have in the process pulled a muscle in my trapezius, not so comfortable)
  • I have learnt how to use power tools
  • Filed away all those recipes that I had ripped out of magazines for years
  • I have learnt how to use Zoom (and it’s a great way to enjoy socially distant Friday drinks with friends!)
  • Cleaned out my garden shed (and found 50 pairs of old gardening gloves)
  • Started to watch the Marvel movies in the correct order (I had in fact only seen a few and had no idea what was going on)
  • Filed all my household bills, invoices, receipts etc. from 2019 (now starting on 2020)
  • Started watching live streams of penguins getting up to mischief at the zoo
  • Dragged out all the old jigsaw puzzles and games (that had 2 cms of dust on them)
  • Created my own yoga classes at home
  • Re-potted plants

I am sure that this list will grow in the next few months as we all redefine our lives and adapt to change.

I for one am enjoying the opportunity to slow down and spend time with my family, my furry friends and taking advantage of having that forgotten commodity we call time.

Big Love

Jane x

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