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Let It Go (not the Disney version!)

There are so many things that I need to let go of, extra weight, crankiness over a traffic infringement, old magazines, clothes that don’t fit, self-limiting beliefs, the list goes on, and on!
I need to adopt the “tree” method in my life. Every autumn tree’s shed their beautiful leaves, they fall to the ground and they let them go. It is nature’s cycle to discard what they don’t need. So why do we find it so hard to let go?
Finding room in our minds and hearts is important, we need to clear out the clutter so that we can breathe and have space to flourish. Let go of grudges, fear, worry and anything that upsets your apple cart. Creating balance in our lives allows us to live the life we are meant too.
Nature has this wonderful way of spring cleaning and making space for the new by clearing out the old, I want to take a leaf out of that book.
What can you let go of? I’d love to hear from you.

Big Love Jane x

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