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Published Date: September 2019


Discovering the calm in the chaos.

Pay attention to your life, because it’s not waiting.

Does your life feel like it is happening to you and not for you?

A life changing event can do one of two things, completely change the way you live your life or nothing changes. You have no idea which one it will be until you are faced with it.

Life is supposed to be for living but when I reflect back on my life before cancer I wasn’t living life, I was existing. Caught up in the whirlwind of a chaotic life, I was chasing an ideal that was not only unrealistic, it made me unhappy.

This book is about how to embrace this thing called life, and how to take charge and responsibility for it, relinquish control, worry and fear and say a big yes to your own life.

I have followed my heart and tapped into a whole new world of living well and embracing a positive life.

And now, I want to share it with you.

Published Date: November 2018


Does a family who travel together stay together?

One mother finds out.

2 teenagers, 1,600 kilometres, 7 days and a Mercedes Benz…what could go wrong?

We are a family of travellers. I have  thought I had the wanderlust gene and hoped i had passed it on to my children.

I love travelling, it is all I ever wanted to do. I dream about it, I plan it, and I spend my savings on it.

This obsession is greeted by my family with varying degrees of interest.

So my announcement of the news that we were driving around England & Scotland in a few months’ time was met with slightly less enthusiasm than I had hoped.

“It will be an adventure” I said. Can a road trip be fun and memorable? I was about to find out.

“You cannot discover anything in life without first getting lost”.

Published Date: December 2017


What if the worst day of your life is actually the best day of your life?

I have asked myself that question many times.

“You have breast cancer”

No one EVER wants to hear those words.

On 22 February, 2016, I was told this devastating news and it changed my life.

I had the choice right then to listen to my inner self and to use this opportunity to change. 

It was time to believe in myself, I refused to let cancer define me.

I have used this experience to turn a negative into many, many positives. Having breast cancer inspired me to live my life fearlessly and that was why I signed up to walk 100 kilometres through the Tuscan countryside after my treatment finished.

It has been said that we can only be alive when our hearts are conscious of our treasures: I know this to be true.