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4 ways to choose happiness

I think we can all agree that when you are happy, it’s a pretty awesome feeling, hola!

But why do we think that it won’t last?

We assume that we cannot be happy until the end of time; life is NOT mission impossible my friends, life IS meant to be happy, our default position IS happiness, we all know that.

Happiness is always there for us, it never went away. Happiness should be something we accept and allow to be part of our everyday lives not something we have to ‘find’.

We will never run out of happiness, it’s infinite, we create our own happiness.

So ask yourself my friends, are you happy?

I remember back in the eighties Wham! had t-shirts that said “choose life” (I know showing my age) well I happen to love this and adopt it in my life as “choose happiness”. Yes, my friend’s happiness is a choice.

We can create our own happiness by choosing our thoughts, our own realities, choosing to be in the state of happiness and not despair. Make a pact with yourself today that you will practice thinking about being happy, make this your focus.

Whatever we choose to concentrate on will be the outcome.

After all, we ARE what we think about, so think happy thoughts 🙂

This is not hard my friends, there is no secret; our natural state is to be happy.

I know, I hear you say “what about such and such, he makes me cranky” or “what about that girl at work, she is so mean”.

We are in charge of how others make us feel. Yes, that’s right, YOU are in charge.

By choosing happiness we needn’t silence our other emotions. Our daily lives can be the full monty of emotions (I know, my dog vomits on the carpet too) but our thoughts dictate how we FEEL about it.

Let those feelings move through you. Our thoughts are just thoughts, remember the cloud analogy, let them pass.

I know it isn’t realistic to be happy all of the time; our lives consist of light and dark, seasons, reasons, progression, sadness, enjoyment and balance. Try not to have feelings of disappointment at these times, make room for them and create a life despite them, you are human after all.

Think about the things that make you happy, is it your children, your dog (when he is not vomiting on the carpet), your career, flowers, chocolate biscuits?

How do you feel when you are happy? Do you feel energised? Positive? Really FEEL this; it’s kinda euphoric, like all your happiness boosters are on full throttle. Know what I mean?

Let’s have a look at ways that we can choose happiness.

🙂 Bond with your fellow human beings.

This is your community, other human beings, we are meant to spend time together, and we are all in the same boat. It gives us the feeling of security and involvement. Make time to genuinely connect with people.

🙂 Help other people

By making time to be actively involving in a charity, community or club we are opening ourselves up to the benefits of belonging and having a sense of purpose. It’s a wonderful feeling when you help others; and it’s just a damn nice thing to do.

🙂 React positively

It’s not necessarily what happens in your life but how we REACT to it that counts. As I said before, you are in charge of how other people make you feel. Train yourself to expect the best in every situation, be optimistic and hopeful in everything you do. Regardless. When I was diagnosed with cancer, it was a shock (for sure) but I tried to think about the positives of my situation as much as possible (it wasn’t easy). But I now know that this helped me get through what was the hardest road in my life. I chose to see the positives in a really shizzle situation.

🙂 Call to action

We are all guilty of getting stuck sometime in our lives. We simply need to take action, it doesn’t matter what it is just MOVE forward. Start that course, create a to-do list, make that phone call, visit that place you have been dreaming about, get to work on something. Starting anything is the first step, taking action will immediately make the situation better and you will feel more in control.

Think of your happiness like a flower, they need sunshine, rain and tender loving care. With all this attention you will bloom just like they do.

Big Love Jane x

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