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Staying Zen

I am a massive convert to the practice of yoga. I still cannot believe how much this ancient practice has changed my life. It’s not just about exercise, it’s a practice of self-awareness, self-love and committing myself to something that gives me joy everyday.

Yoga is more than just our thinking minds. It’s a whole experience, the way we connect, how we speak, how we incorporate and internalise ourselves, and the realisation that the true self is not always physical.

Yoga has had a bit of an explosion in recent years in our Western World, more people practice yoga now than ever before. Apart from the mediative and mindful aspect of yoga, it allows us to tap into our intuition, something we ignore for most (or all) of our lives.

To be consciously in touch with our intuition is very powerful. The role of intuition in our day-to-day lives is more important than ever. Intuition is about connection, the connection to our inner selves, our universal self and each other. But it’s easy to become disconnected from our intuition with the fast paced lives we lead.

Yoga brings me back to the place where I can connect and keep myself in balance and harmony. It’s about listening to that intuition and using it to recognise that we are falling off the wagon into an unaware life and we need to correct our path to one of stillness and reflection.

To be in that place of quiet contemplation is indeed a calm place for me. I come up with great ideas in this space; I make peace with myself and have an appreciation of what really matters in my life. It makes me smile, and that’s gotta be a good thing.

Before you go rushing off to the closest yoga studio (because I know you want to now), here are a few thoughts for you.

~ Take a look around your neighbourhood for a studio (it’s best to be either close to work or home).

~ Try out the introductory/free specials (all studios have them).

~ Do a few different styles of yoga to see which one suits you.

~ It is really important to connect with your yoga instructor; if you don’t, try another class.

~ You don’t need super expensive outfits (discount department stores do great yoga gear).

~ Commit to classes you can attend (this may only be once a week, and that’s awesome).

Yoga is about your own practice. Don’t be too hard on yourself, it takes time. Be patient with your body, it’s not a competition.

Yoga has been around for thousands of years, it has by far been the best ‘find’ of my life and my happy place. I urge you to consider getting on board with it; I think you may just fall in love.

Big Love Jane x

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