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7 Lessons I learnt from Rosa

Rosa is a cat. Yes, a cat that lives in Hydra. I happen to think we can learn a lot from our furry friends. I spent quite some time alone on my recent trip to the Greek island of Hydra and it gave me the chance to not only reflect but to observe the wonderful world happening around me.

Cats are part of the landscape in Hydra; they come in all shapes and sizes, colours, personalities and states of health.

They are definitely free range on the island, the locals take care of them in their own way by putting food out for them and the restaurant owners leave scraps for them after their patrons leave for the night.

But here’s the thing, they live harmoniously among one other, they belong to no one and they roam freely without care or cause. What a wonderful way to be.

I found myself endlessly fascinated by the cats of Hydra. I took so many photos of them I could publish a book! I am a cat lover from way back, I grew up with cats and have two of my own. They are such mystical creatures, perfect in every way.

Without sounding like a crazy cat lady LOL :-), these are the lessons I recently learnt from Rosa (and all the other cats on Hydra):

  1. Find your place to stand (or sit); your place of inner peace. It doesn’t matter what you look like (black, white, tortoiseshell), or what the person next to you is doing, be YOU.
  2. From that place decide what it is that makes YOU, YOU. Redesigning yourself is the definition of what it means to live your life your way (live free range if you want to).
  3. Everything is possible (even lobster for dinner).
  4. Stay connected to your spirit, catch the moment of what really makes you happy (and lie in the sun).
  5. Take care of yourself, nourish YOU.
  6. Be kind to others (and share your food!).
  7. Stop to wonder, take in what is around you and really look and be present.

Cats are known to be graceful, skillful, nosy and outgoing. I like to think that we can adopt their characteristics into our own lives with more wonder and wisdom.

I think there is a lesson in that for all of us.

Big Love Jane x

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