The perfect tea

I have always been more of a coffee gal than a tea type, and certainly not herbal tea…that was akin to drinking liquid grass in my book. But a recent stomach upset drove me to the herbal tea aisle at the supermarket and I am now converted.

Swapping out my daily coffee for a blend of dried seeds and leaves is not something I thought I would ever say (or indeed drink) but I must say that it is quite a lovely ritual that I have acquired for myself, I’m a fan.

Given that I was looking for something to ease the symptoms of stomach discomfort (long story but I am better now) the ingredients I needed to look for were licorice, fennel, mint, chamomile and ginger.

Whoa, quite a mixed bag if I do say and I was not convinced I was going to find all of that in one tea bag. But I was wrong, yes, there is such a thing and it is made right here in Australia too which was a diamond find.

This got me researching the benefits of herbs, I know, another interest of mine 🙂 and in fact they have some pretty amazing benefits; I like to call them magic herbs.

My stomach upset was definitely relieved from drinking theses magic herbs and that of course made me feel a whole lot better. (The caffeine headache from not drinking coffee in the first few days was a drag but that quickly passed).

There are many surprising benefits to herbal tea. There are blends for anxiety, sleeping, coughs, your immune system and for balancing your chakras! Who knew!?

In the UK, tea is the national drink and when I lived there it was not uncommon to hear the words “a cup of tea solves everything“. I agree.

There are literally hundreds of herbal teas to choose from (I must confess here that I also chose mine based on the pretty packaging, LOL).

I now find myself heading to health food stores and fine food supermarkets to stock up on a myriad of different herbal tea types so I can continue to benefit from these gifts of Mother Nature. I’m going to try Lavender tea next!

Fun facts: Herbal tea is in fact an infusion not a true tea. It is made from flowers, roots, leaves or seeds. It never contains caffeine and there are literally thousands of combinations available. Hola!

So put away the antacids and steer yourself to your local supermarket and try nature’s cup instead.

Big Love Jane x

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