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Remember when you dreamed of where you are today?

Remember when you dreamed of where you are today?

I do.

Here’s the thing about dreams, they can come true.

Two years ago I wrote a list of my dreams (it was long…) I wanted to be a published author, travel overseas, buy a new car, have my health back and be a full time writer. Yikes, at the time I thought that I had indeed gone crazy town. But here’s the thing (apart from a new car) I did it.

How, I hear you asking?

Well, I’m not going to say it was a walk in the park, because it wasn’t.

#confession time… I had to really be honest with myself and my life, arghh…the truth hurts.

Since then I have gathered up a whole lotta stuff about living mindfully and it got me thinking about how I could change my own life. To be fair, I had a bolt of lightning strike me with a breast cancer diagnosis, that pretty quickly stirred me into action, yes siree… But you don’t have to have anything like that happen to realise that you may NOT be living the life you dream of, deserve or even like (wow, that’s a bit depressing).

It takes some soul searching at best to recognise that you are in control of how you live your life. If you are anything like I was, then you are puddling along everyday hoping and praying that things will change or get better in some aspect of your life. When it doesn’t you shrug your shoulders and say “oh well” maybe tomorrow. Well tomorrow comes and goes and before you know it you are approaching a milestone birthday and nothing has changed, in fact it has got worse.

You lie in bed at night dreaming of a life that want, picturing yourself with the things and people you desire but you get up the next day and do the same things again (and again…) I have written this before, “nothing changes, if nothing changes”.

You have to change your mindset. It’s that simple. There I said it, simple yes, easy to adopt, not so. We are conditioned throughout our lives to stay with the status quo, do what your parents did, do what is expected of you, blah blah…

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Firstly you have to decide what is important, and this means FOR you, the REAL YOU.

So, this is what I did.

Sit down (grab a piece of paper or your computer) and make a list of what you really want in your life. These can be big things, or little things, it doesn’t matter.

This can be (in no particular order):


Think about what you really want, be quite specific about the kind of career (for instance) you want, what would it be? What do you love doing? What is important to you in your dream job? How does it look? See these things in your mind’s eye, see yourself doing them.

Be as BOLD as you like, this is your list of dreams, just go for it! It is so fun doing this exercise (I am pretty sure that I put on my list that I wanted to cultivate orchids, didn’t do that one but hey I’ve still got time!)

Once you have written down your dreams they become more powerful, it’s there in black and white. You can add to them anytime, keep your list going.

On Pinterest ( I have a vision board for 2019, it is so fun to add things to my dream list, I urge you to start one today.

Why not also check out my e-course “Life Uncomplicated”. I have written a whole lotta stuff about how I changed my life and all the things that I did to get myself where I am today. It’s jam packed full of great ideas that you can adopt into your everyday life.

Take care of you

Big Love Jane x

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