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Fresh Start

You often hear the words “today is a new day” and yes, that is true, but how do you stop yourself from re-living all the past days and make a fresh start, everyday…

I’m here to tell you that the one thing that has kept my days “fresh” are daily rituals (and I’m not talking about dancing around a fire or chanting here)

Daily rituals needn’t be fancy, nor numerous, I do four in fact.

There are literally thousands of rituals (some you will already be doing and not know it!) By definition a ritual is something that we do as a sequence, often, and in my case everyday.

It’s actually not that hard, especially once you get into the swing of things. There is something quite lovely about self care rituals, it’s a chance to do something for yourself, a gift of sorts everyday. I am a fan.

What is all this I hear you say. How can I fit more into my day? I’m too busy.

My daily rituals take less than 2 minutes, yes, 2 minutes a day. That’s it, and they start my day off fresh everyday.

These are mine:

  1. When I get out of bed everyday, I put my feet on the floor and say “thank you for the awesome day I am going to have”
  2. I take 7 drops of flower essence
  3. I take 30mls of aloe vera juice
  4. I write 3 things that I am grateful for (and sometimes this can just be that I’m grateful nothing has fallen off now that I’m 50! LOL!)

So there you have it, easy, and I have adopted this practice now for nearly three years. I will shortly be writing a lot more on self care rituals and how they helped me become a writer, stay tuned.

Big Love Jane x

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