Life choices

Walking Your Path

Ever stood on the crossroads and not known which path to take? Which way should I go, left, right, up or down?

The direction you take could be life changing or it could not.

So, how do we know? We don’t. It is the unknown and that keeps us from truly discovering what our journey is. Whether that is fear of the unfamiliar or wanting to stay on a life course that we think we should, that we know well.

It has been said that our path has always been there, no matter where it takes you; nothing happens with no purpose, there is always a purpose. We move from one path to another throughout our lives, it is about understanding that road and the obstacles that present themselves to us. Sometimes the path is serene and clear, sometimes it is a dark place with overgrown trees, this is how we learn, good and bad, it is all a life experience.

Was I always meant to be a writer? Who knows, but I am glad I found my path; it took me 25 years to open the door to my new life and I couldn’t be happier.

Give it a try, open the door to your dream, it’s closer than you think.

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