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Embrace the weird (and wonderful you)

My children often say to me, Mum, can you stop being weird.

Hmm, I say to them, I’m not being weird, I’m being me and I will never stop being me (LOL!).

What exactly is weird? In my children’s dictionary it means, stop being NOT normal.

I also have conversations with my Mum that go a bit like this, “Now you’re fifty Jane, you shouldn’t have such long hair”. What the? Who says? Them, who’s them?

I call THEM the joy police.

Why is it that we cannot express our real selves? I love joking around, dancing silly steps around the family room, pulling faces and generally being a big kid. It is joyful, and makes me laugh. Somehow we grow into adults and the joy of being childlike has faded and disappeared. Bah humbug…

I say, be YOU, who cares what other people think (we have touched on this before my friends, no one cares, and quite frankly who cares if they do).

Embrace all the crazy things that make you happy, it’s not weird, or odd or even bizarre, it’s YOU.

So if you want to jump out of an aeroplane, wear those sequined shoes or start learning the salsa, then DO it.

Express that inner part of you that just wants to have fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously, have a sense of humour.

Start where you mean to finish. If your awesome personality shines, so will the life around you.

It’s universal law; make your day and someone else’s will also glow that little bit brighter

I want to tell you a story here, because I love it (and I love my girlfriend).

My girlfriend had (late in life) qualified to be a nurse. She had up until this time been a dance teacher and her life was always filled with sparkles and glitter.

On her very first day as a nurse, she got ready in her uniform and looked in the mirror. She had purple streaks in her hair, a pink ribbon attached to her ponytail, a name tag that had hearts all over it and a fob watch that was attached with a sequinned bow.

She started as she meant to finish. She didn’t care what anyone else thought, and can I tell you, the patients love her.

Big Love Jane x

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