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Finding Fifty

So, how do we change our life? We can talk about it (a lot) sing about it (thanks Little Mix) or even make fervent plans to get ourselves on track, but it takes more than that. It takes patience, belief, confidence, stamina and a little bit of luck.

I have been asked nearly 100 times now (from lovely friends and followers) about how they can change their lives too.

This got me thinking about how I can help other people. Those of you who know me and read my blogs (thank you!) know that I didn’t find it easy (I still don’t some days) but little by little I came out of the fog that had enveloped me during cancer treatment and I started to see my life differently.

In my first book “The Leap Year” I talk about having a life purpose, or lack of one at the time. So I decided that I would declare to myself and the world that my purpose was that I wanted to be a higher spiritual person and I wanted to help people.

Yikes, big call but two years down the track I have definitely started achieving what I set out to do and my next step is to help people, just like you; do the same.

Stay tuned friends, I am working on a series of e-courses to do exactly that; change your life (when you are fifty something!)

Big Love Jane x







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