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When You Wish Upon a Star…..

Last week I went to see Katy Perry in concert (she was awesome!) and during her show she talked about her nine year old self making a wish to be a singer and perform in front of millions of people. As she spoke a star fell from the sky (the roof!) and she said it was a special wishing star. “Who wants to make a wish?” she said to her thousands of fans that night. “I do”, I said to myself. ?
Wish; what a wonderful word. By definition it means “feeling a strong desire or hope for something that cannot or probably will not happen”. We often think that wishing for something is futile, a pipedream or a fantasy. A wish could not possibly come true? But it can; and if you truly believe your wish and that it can be yours, it will appear in the most unexpected places. Your wish can be big or small, crazy or sensible or even whimsical. It doesn’t matter, it’s your wish.
My wish was to be an author; and I am living proof that wishes do come true.
Big Love Jane x

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