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Yoga, coffee and wine

A few days ago I found a little quote about yoga (you know those little ‘make you day’ quotes) and it said, reasons why I am currently alive; Yoga, Coffee & Wine.

LOL, this IS why I’m currently alive. I love it, that really tickled my funny bone.

As I’m sure you now know, I am a yoga tragic.

Yoga was my saviour in those few months of chemotherapy treatment, and I started to look forward to my classes more than ever. I felt the attraction to the ancient practice and I knew it was changing my perception, my mind, and my sense of calmness.

There is something very addictive about yoga (and coffee, possibly the caffeine!). I started to research why yoga made me feel better. I had such a sense of wellness and peace when I finished class, I couldn’t understand how a few pretzel poses could make so much difference to how I was feeling.

But through my continued practice of yoga, I have found what I truly needed. Yoga allows me to take some quiet time to reflect not only upon my day but all that I have to be grateful for. Practicing yoga has taught me to be still, to listen and understand my body, to understand my mental chatter and how to find my breath and be present.

Whoa, it has been the best find of my life!

And as for coffee and wine (and not always in that order) I can do without them, but not for too long…

Big Love Jane x


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