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The april new moon gathering

Yesterday I found myself again spending my Sunday afternoon with a group of strangers talking about chakras, crystals, moon phases and tarot cards, what the!!?

Let me explain.

I have for about twelve months now belonged to a FaceBook group that is run by a witch. Yes, a witch, and I happen to think she is awesome.

Yesterday was an event that embraced the wonderful world of magic. I’m not talking about flying on broomsticks here (although, how fun would that be!), no, it was a chance to meet people who not only believe in the power of the universe and its magical abilities but also how our world can teach us more about ourselves and guide us to a life of meaningful purpose and understanding.

To be fair, I have always loved the ‘witch world’. It is endlessly fascinating to me that we all belong to a world of possible magic. It is the stuff of fairy tales. I believed in them when I was child, and I believe in them now. There is a certain sense of comfort for me to know that there is something out there bigger than myself and that I can tap into it whenever I like, ask questions and receive answers. This ability has given me strength and reassurance in my life during times of real need.

I know, you are probably thinking, whoa! Has she has gone slightly bananas (?) well, I think that we all believe in something. We are all part of the spiritual world, it doesn’t matter which part. I happen to like witches (especially Glinda, the good witch of the North, my favourite movie of all time).

Learning how to interpret the meaning of chakras, crystals and tarot cards is another level that I bring to my own journey. Yoga is a big part of this too. I have loved finding out more about not only myself but how our energies can heal ourselves and others.

This gathering of like-minded people yesterday was enlightening, educational, uplifting and emotional (I did have a few tears, LOL!).

The April new moon gathering has given me a greater understanding of how I can use these new found skills to enrich my daily life and tap into even more worldly witchy wisdom.

I like it a lot 🙂

It’s a whole lotta fun, I urge you to give it a try sometime.

Big Love Jane x


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