Four for the Road

The Sheer Splendour of Mother Nature

“Unbeknownst to us, when we travelled up the A82 on our way to Oban we drove along the same roads as James Bond in “Skyfall” (I only found this out afterwards!) We weren’t in an Aston Martin but our Mercedes convertible was pulling the same vibe. I knew there was something special about this landscape when we were driving through it, it is utterly stunning. On this occasion I did get out of the car and take photos, albeit in the rain. My family thought I was mad pulling over into the lay-by to take photos of cliff faces but I cannot tell you how stunning these valleys, waterfalls and skylines are, out of this world in fact. No wonder filmmakers use this scenery, it takes your breath away and as I was standing there soaking it all in I started to cry. I really don’t know why, I was just overwhelmed with the sheer splendour of Mother Nature”.

(Excerpt from Four for the Road)

Have you ever been moved to tears by scenery?

Big Love, Jane X

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