Four for the Road

The Grand Adventure (and Eye Rolling Teenagers)

Family holidays, we all know how they are meant to be.
The grand adventure I hear you say, yes of course let’s utilise our annual December holidays to traverse the world, explore foreign cities and local coastlines; soak in the sunshine, the history, and maybe a few wineries. I am guilty of conjuring up all sorts of travel plans that involve far flung countries and local climes, all of these ideas and enthusiasm are met with varying reactions from my family.
Wanderlust, I love that word, but I expect my family doesn’t.
Every year I announce to my family that we are heading to a new exciting destination; the eye rolling action from my two teenagers suggests otherwise, I might as well be saying we are going to the moon.
So, how do you create the perfect family holiday, well, I have been on a few and whilst I wouldn’t recommend them all, there are plenty that have been perfect

Big Love, Jane X

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