The Madness of Christmas

There are countless articles in the lead up to Christmas about how to survive it, decorate for it, cook for it and how to take time out from the madness of it.

No wonder we all groan when the first of December rolls around. The magazines, Pinterest and giveaway flyers at the supermarket paint either the perfect Christmas “Recipes for a jolly good time” (which is totally unachievable) “Dreamy themes for Christmas” (white doves above the fireplace anyone?) “Dazzling TableScapes” (who can afford $95 for Christmas napkins!) or the “Plan ahead and get organised for Christmas” (who really makes puddings in October?) “Plan your glassware” (do old vegemite jars count?) “Create a comfy space” (really?)

The one I like the best is “Twelve days of crisis, surviving the seasonal meltdown”. It sounds like an end of the world film title. But the advice is sound and sensible; I like it despite the title.

So, you see there is a plethora of information out there to help you plan the perfect Christmas day, some of it is total rubbish “Make sure you have festive scented candles, crystal water glasses, cinnamon quills” blah blah.

Your family and friends care about seeing you on Christmas day not whether your paper is coordinated with matching ribbon or you have stocked up on Christmas piñatas.

It is about family, seeing all your loved ones faces across your dining room table, the reminiscing of years gone past, laughing out loud and telling stories. This is what Christmas is all about.

Anyone who has been to our home knows that my Christmas day is about family, food and enjoying unhurried time together, it is such a wonderful time of the year.

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