Four for the Road

Getting Lost …

“It is inevitable that you will get lost sometime on holiday. This is not a bad thing; I think that you really don’t know a place until you do get lost. This is when you discover the most unexpected things; I think that is the real meaning of wanderlust. I am the queen of getting lost. It’s not that I do it by purpose, it just seems to happen, I don’t even try. I have little spatial awareness and I cannot read maps (my husband will concur with me on this) so while I am standing on street corner turning the maps this way and that, I loudly pronounce that we need to go “this way”. Nine times out of ten, I am heading in completely the wrong direction. If I am with my husband, he will correct me and we will do an about turn and head in the opposite direction towards the place we were supposed to be going to”

Big Love, Jane X

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