Christmas Chocoholics

The other thing I should mention here is that my in laws are chocoholics (this inherited trait has been passed on to my children, for better or worse) I have never seen so much chocolate served at a family function.

To say they have a love affair with chocolate is an understatement.

According to them, chocolate is the best thing on planet earth, nothing comes close to that feeling of melt in your mouth dreaminess, chocolate is apparently “food of the gods” and they are connoisseurs of the highest kind. It is a tradition every Christmas to make a “chocolate wafer cake”.

It’s a recipe that has been handed down from generations before and I believe has its origins in the Balkan region. This would make sense as my in laws family descend from Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria. It is a simple recipe of chocolate, milk, sugar, butter and wafers.

You melt the chocolate over the wafers and start stacking them to make a cake. It doesn’t sound like much but when it is ready it’s like a stampede, a swarm of locusts, the end of the world going by the rate in which it is devoured. It is the most delicious treat.

I love the fact that my in laws are still making it years later and handing down the recipe to their grandchildren. What better way to keep family traditions alive, I love it.

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